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HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR

HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR
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Price: $347.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: HPI104493
Manufacturer: HPI
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This is the HPI Savage Flux 2350. The HPI Savage FLUX 2350 continues the Savage legacy of monster truck domination with a truck that delivers massive power and performance, while going easy on your bank account. Based on the popular Savage FLUX HP, this version features the Alphastar 2350 Kv Motor and Q-Base ESC capable of running two, 2S LiPo packs (4S) in series. With 14.8v of raw brushless power, the FLUX 2350 will perform standing back flips with ease...just like it's big brother, the FLUX HP. Stab the throttle at any time for extreme acceleration or high flying wheelies. Four oil-filled shocks with long travel suspension provide cushion for big jumps and reliable performance over rough Off-Road terrain. If you're looking for all-out, brushless, monster truck bashing fun, check out the Savage FLUX 2350!

Tough TVP Chassis: The chassis for the Savage Flux 2350 is very similar to the nitro-powered Savage that we all know and love - the backbone consists of the TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design, formed from two 2.5mm aluminum plates, with the diff cases at either end providing significant stiffness and the transmission casing and motor plate forming load-bearing members of the structure.

Extra-Low CG: The Flux Alphastar 2350 motor sits extremely low in the chassis, providing as low a center of gravity (CG) as possible, and the twin battery packs ride on the outside of the TVP chassis for easy access. The low CG gives you extra control and cornering ability, allowing you to rule the corners on the track and pull off spectacular stunts to impress your friends!

Twin Battery Power: Brushless motors like the Flux Alphastar 2350 are already super powerful with just one battery compared to their older brushed ancestors, so you can imagine what two battery packs will be able to provide! The Savage Flux HP can take up to 12 NiMH cells (twin 6-cell packs), or 2 LiPo packs of 2S 7.4v construction. The battery boxes feature vents to keep the batteries cool, and the use of official Deans® zero-loss battery plugs is highly recommended.

Flux Alphastar 2350 Motor: The Flux Alphastar 2350 motor was selected specifically for its ability to optimize the performance of standard 4S LiPo batteries. It delivers hordes of power - plenty of juice for instant wheelies and standing backflips! The Alphastar 2350 is held in place with 2 machined 8mm billet aluminum motor clamps secured to the 3mm 7075 alloy motor mount to prevent it moving once the gear mesh is set. Option pinion gears are available to fine-tune the speed and torque delivery! The brushless design assures maximum performance with nearly no maintenance required.

Flux Q-base ESC: With the capacity to handle 4S LiPo power and 12 NiMH cells, the Flux Q-base electronic speed control can take anything you can possibly throw at it and keep coming back for more! Fully programmable with the #100573 USB Programming Kit and fitted with fat 6mm bullet connectors, the Q-base delivers power to the Alphastar 2350 motor in massive gulps of voltage while the integrated cooling fan keeps everything at a reasonable operating temperature. The Flux Q-base ESC is reversible so you can back out of jams with ease.

All-Metal Transmission Gears: The Savage Flux 2350 features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every jolt of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. The whole drivetrain runs on rubber-sealed ball bearings for optimal efficiency, for extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds!

XL Tough Suspension: The Savage Flux 2350 features the uprights designed for the larger tires and weight of the Savage XL, giving you the assurance that you'll be able to deal out the same abuse that all the other nitro-powered Savage trucks can handle! Beefy parts mean the Savage Flux 2350 can take the abuse and punishment of extreme off-road driving.

Machined Diff Gears: Equipped with #102246 Machined Super Heavy Duty Bevel Gears, you can be sure that the diffs of the Savage Flux HP will last for a long time, taking the punishment of the Flux Alphastar 2350 motor! The entire drivetrain can be upgraded with all the option parts available to nitro Savage owners, letting you upgrade and bulletproof your truck as desired.

Thick Super Heavy-Duty Dogbones: Extra-thick, super duty dogbones provide the durability you'll want when you take the Savage Flux 2350 into rough country! The thick diameter and larger ends add up to a drivetrain that won't let you down when the going gets tough! You'll be able to commit the full power of the Alphastar 2350 motor to the ground without worrying about drivetrain damage!

Machined Steel Spur Gear: A machined steel spur gear is the perfect match for the power of the Alphastar 2350 motor. The pinion gear spins on a 5mm motor shaft and optional pinion gears will be available after the Savage Flux 2350 is launched. With the all-metal drivetrain running from the motor to transmission, and from the gearbox to the diffs, you get a huge amount of drivetrain protection with gears that won't strip, melt or break! You'll have security and peace of mind that your truck will not only perform superbly, but last as long as possible in the roughest of terrain and conditions!

Big Bore Nylon Shocks: Four huge Big Bore shocks give the suspension action you need to get out and blast through the roughest of tracks or off-road terrain. With slick nylon bodies they are lightweight and strong, with almost no 'stiction' between the shock piston and shock body. The extra-large capacity gives you extra control and damping action so you have the driving feel that makes off-road driving so much fun!

SF-5 High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo: HPI designers chose a super-strong, extra-tough high torque metal gear servo. With nearly 9kg of force per centimeter (that's 126psi!), the SF-5 will get the GT-2 tires turning easily at any speed! There's no need to upgrade the servo - this baby's got it all! With the bellcrank steering and built-in servo saver, you can be sure that the SF-5 will be fully protected against crash damage!

Savage Wheelie Bar Included:
The #85245 wheelie bar is included as standard, ready for you to bolt on in case you want to pull impressive wheelies to impress your friends. Want to pull off jaw-dropping standing backflips without a ramp? Leave the wheelie bar off, and be prepared for your friends to ask for the controller! It's OK if you say no and tell them to get their own, though!

All-Terrain Tires: With the aggressive tread of the GT-2 tires, you can go off-road to on-road with predictable handling. The center tread lines give you stability on paved surfaces while the blocky tread pattern and heavy-duty sidewall teeth provide grip for off-road terrain like dirt, mud, muck, leaves.

GT-2 Body with Blue Flame Paint Scheme: To give the sleek GT-2 body a new look HPI has wrapped it with a "blue flame" paint scheme, completely trimmed and mounted with decals applied.

RTR - Performance Straight From the Box: HPI makes it as easy as possible to get into RC off-road action. The Savage Flux 2350 is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, shocks, suspension and more are perfect before you even open the package. And with many of the top Savage options already installed, you don't have to do a thing to get going fast!

HPI Ready-To-Run vehicles bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end RC kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC truck straight from the box!

HPI RTR cars and trucks are 98% factory assembled - they come Ready-To-Run and equipped with all the radio gear required. Just a few steps are needed to get your car up and running, such as adding the batteries to the transmitter and charging up your choice of batteries to fit in the truck!

Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD: As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in depth instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your monster truck for maintenance and easy servicing.


  • Tough TVP Chassis
  • Extra-Low CG
  • Twin Battery Power
  • Flux Alphastar 2350 Motor
  • Flux Q-base ESC
  • All-Metal Transmission Gears
  • XL Tough Suspension
  • Machined Diff Gears
  • Thick Super Heavy-Duty Dogbones
  • Machined Steel Spur Gear
  • Big Bore Nylon Shocks
  • SF-5 High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo
  • Savage Wheelie Bar Included
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • GT-2 Body with Blue Flame Paint Scheme
  • RTR - Performance Straight From the Box
  • Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD
  • High Quality Radio Gear

: 4WD Monster Truck
: 1/8
: 21 in
: 16.8 in
: 10 in
: 13.35 in

Needed to Complete:

  • (8) AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • (2) 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V LiPo Batteries
  • Battery Charger Compatible with Chosen Battery Chemistry
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HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR
Click to enlarge
HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR
Click to enlarge
HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR
Click to enlarge
HPI Savage Flux 2350 w/GT-2 Truck Body RTR
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