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Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit

Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
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Model: AXI90017
Manufacturer: Axial
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The Axial XR10 Design Team:
Brandon Coonce was the lead designer for the project, but one key difference with Axial is that you won't ever see any one designer take credit for the sole development of a product. Instead, the development and design of each project is a culmination of multiple individuals’ input. The end result is a well thought out and cohesive product stemmed from multiple perspectives. Without the input from Senior Lead Designer, Matt Kearney, “The Icon" Brad Dumont, and the rest of the staff at Axial, the XR10 may not have turned out as successfully as it has.

“When we first started this project, I knew we had to go well beyond anything that was out in the market; something that would revitalize the crawling segment by becoming more competitive in the 2.2 class, bringing new people into crawling, and creating the easiest 2.2 competitive comp crawler to set up at a great price point. As the leading rock crawling manufacturer in our industry, we wanted to show that we care about the sport just as much as our customers do. We took our experience from the award-winning AX10 and learned from the other entries in the crawler market to decide on a general direction. After spending extra time thinking and re-thinking every facet of the project, often times throwing out 90% of our work to prevent compromising our final goal, the end result was the XR10.” - Brandon Coonce and the Axial Design Team

When did the design process start?
We started the design process in mid August 2009, and we started tooling for the project in late February.

The tools of the trade:
All of our design work is done on PC workstations using SolidWorks 2010.

Where do you start when designing a vehicle like the XR10?

When starting the XR10 from the ground up we knew that it had to have individually powered axles, or “MOA” (Motor-on-Axle). The ability to power the axles individually for finite control is important. We took our experience from the AX10 and learned from the other entries in the crawler market to decide on a general direction. The axles were the key component and the most time was spent here investigating different styles to achieve the best ground clearance and lowest center of gravity without any sacrifices in other areas. Once the basic drive train was laid out we focused on adjustability and providing the customer with an axle that is complete out of the box. During the entire design process the chassis and suspension geometry played a major role in the placement of all the components.

What's the final drive ratio?

This is an important topic on the XR10. We tried quite a few different gear ratio’s and settled on 37.9:1 using the included 14T pinion in the kit. This is one of the highest gear ratios in the crawling market currently. Reason for this is wheel speed and run time. The two go hand in hand. Now using the XR10 you will be able to achieve more wheel speed with a higher turn motor (55T) giving you better run times. With the current advancement in motors and ESC’s available today you can still achieve a controlled low speed crawl with the gear ratio in the XR10.

What was the hardest to design on the XR10?
The style of gear reduction we decided on required a lot of work to achieve a compact and strong drive train. Working around this drive train and incorporating all the adjustment in the axle required some time. Steering was the biggest issue, and we wanted to be able to clock the motors (adjust the height and clearance) and still have the steering move with the axle without affecting the caster.

Some people may think a product is developed basically overnight, but what exactly is involved in the overall design process from concept to completion?

This definitely isn’t the case. Product design and development is a very time intensive process. We may have sent off the drawings for tooling in February, but once you start to see prototypes and initial samples, you may stumble upon features that need to be changed. Whether the changes include the product’s strength, aesthetics, or overall functionality, it’s definitely something most people don’t realize when they are viewing a completed product. The simplest items can sometimes require the most attention. Luckily with the support of the R&D Team, these potential problems or features were spotted early and I believe that the final product has reflected the collaborative effort that has gone into the XR10.

XR10 Features:

  • 37.9:1 gear ratio using the included 14T pinion. Gearbox allows for use of 12-19T pinions for gear ratios ranging from 44.2:1 through 27.9:1.
  • Dual motors allow you to easily adjust your front and rear gear ratios independently.
  • Compact and lightweight gearboxes keep the motor positioned closer to the axle housing and above the axle center line for extra clearance.
  • Aluminum chassis plates with durable composite plastic skid plate.
  • Chassis provides multiple upper link adjustment holes for suspension tuning and adjusting anti-squat.
  • Adjustable upper shock mounts included for fine tuning ride height and can be catered to your own personal driving style.
  • Adjustable body mounts provide finite adjustments for different angles and heights.
  • Removable electronics tray for easy maintenance and installation
  • Waterproof receiver box with wire routing guides for cleaner electronic routing/configuration.
  • Multiple ESC mounting plates and configurations
  • Low profile battery mount places the weight of the battery at a lower position in the vehicle to help lower the center of gravity.
  • Oversized rod ends with large 7mm aluminum links and durable composite plastic sleeves (replaceable).
  • Light durable composite plastic upper links also aid in lowering the center of gravity. 
  • Full ball bearings(oversized differential bearings)
  • Differentials: locked (spool)Suspension:4-link, double triangulated
  • 72-103mm shocks: includes aluminum bodies and 10mm machined Delrin pistons.

Front and rear specific strong durable composite plastic, lightweight axles:

  • Low profile axle housing design for maximum ground clearance.
  • Front steering axle with the ability to rotate (clock) the motor up/down.
  • Rear axle is 16mm narrower than the front axle to squeeze through tight gate layouts.

All New Behind the Axle (BTA) Steering *pat. pend.

  • Enclosed steering slide with turnbuckles to adjust toe in and toe out.
  • 8° kingpin angle helps keep scrub radius to a minimum, which equals less stress on your steering servo.
  • Durable composite plastic - strong double shear knuckle arms with replaceable aluminum draw link mount.
  • Splined adjustable c-hubs provide caster adjustments in 15° increments.

Oversized Universals:

  • Oversized 12.5mm universals with 4mm and 2.5mm cross pins.
  • Made of hardened steel
  • No backlash like dogbone setups
  • 45° of steering out of the box


Wheels: Axial 2.2 Competition Beadlocks

  • Includes CNC orange anodized rings.
  • Compatible with Vanquish patented wheel weight systems (Licensed by Vanquish Products)
  • Minimal beadlock hardware for assembly ease
  • Narrow offset to increase steering response and strength


Axial Hardline Body:

  • Competition inspired body – design, layout, and size all catered for optimum performance. 
  • Meets all U.S.R.C.C.A minimum requirements
  • Dove-tailed front and rear to minimize interference with tires.
  • Rounded roof line and cab forward design to improve roll-over recovery.

XR10 Specifications:
Wheelbase: 317.5mm (12.5”) Max
Front Wheel to Wheel (outside) Width: 260mm (10.20”)
Rear Wheel to Wheel (outside) Width: 241mm (9.50”)
Height: 5.25”-6.75” (133mm-172mm)
Ground Clearance:  1.75”-3.40” (44.5mm-86.5mm)
*Note: The height and ground clearance were measured with Pro-Line Chisels and memory foams with no weight added to the wheels.

Hardline Body Dimensions:
Length: 324mm (12.75”)
Width: 134mm (5.25”)
Height: 89mm (3.5”)

Needed to Complete:
Radio: 2, 3, 4 Channel
Servos: 1 (Standard Size)
Speed Control: single or dual
Motors: Dual 540 sized motors
Battery: Compact LiPo, 2/3a, LiFe packs (Maximum size 30mmx25mmx90mm)
Tires: Your choice of 2.2 tires and foams

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Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
Click to enlarge
Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
Click to enlarge
Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
Click to enlarge
Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
Click to enlarge
Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
Click to enlarge
Axial XR10 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler Kit
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