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HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body

HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body
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Model: HPI103034
Manufacturer: HPI
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This is the HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 4WD RTR Desert Truck. For the off-road racing enthusiast, this is the perfect truck! It's a marriage of scale realism, HPI durability, drive ability and most importantly - FUN! HPI Racing has teamed up with TSA Motorsports' Dallas Luttrell and Bill "Wild Bill" Billington to get back to the roots of Off-Road competition - THE DESERT! Dallas and Bill are the creative minds behind TSA Motorsports. Their approach to desert racing is a reflection of that creativity, very calculated, yet executed plain and simple. TSA's newly developed truck is different than most, breaking the proverbial mold! Dallas and Bill have been studying and watching desert Off-Road racing and most interestingly, the global Off-Road scene with events such as the Dakar rally. They have studied how the Dakar Rally type vehicles differ when compared to the USA's Trophy Trucks and how these vehicles handle the various terrain. They also studied the race strategies of different teams for these different types of terrain. For side-notes, they have studied the history books with a nod to Ivan Stewart for inspiration as well. Why all of these studies? Because TSA intends to learn their way to the top of the sport, to be a part of those few individuals who wish to try things differently. There are those who just want to go big and fast and follow the same "big trucks rule in the desert" theme. And there are those whose perseverance and dreams will fuel the passion for racing for a long time to come. TSA is here to stay!

The last couple of years, Dallas and Wild Bill have been whooping it across the desert in the SNORE Series in what some people call a "Pre-Runner" or even a desert capable street truck. For the sideline enthusiast, they saw what could be achieved with off-the-shelf retail parts in a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. TSA's efforts landed them four Top-5 finishes in the 7200-class of the 2009 SNORE Off-Road Series. While the TSA team did not break any records or secure any major championships, for TSA, it had a lot more to do with mentality: the mental game and the approach with equipment. Adding to the facts, the Tacoma truck is not wildly different from any other desert truck. The TSA Tacoma is more like every truck sitting in the spectator parking lot. The Tacoma itself was its own experiment to learn from, but with a much larger plan brewing in the background.

TSA built a new truck, and HPI Racing built a new truck...Enter 2010 with lots of things happening in the background. The TSA Motorsports camp has been very secretive, quiet and busy! Luttrell and Billington took the time while racing the Toyota Tacoma in 2009 to build an experimental chassis. With numerous test-design sessions, early 2010 they built another Chassis and tested more and finished up the creative design concept all while conspiring with HPI RACING. At the same time, HPI Racing was busy developing too, as HPI Racing's USA based designer Hidekazu "Ito" Nishine has a passion for all things "truck"! Ito is the designer of the Nitro MT Series, the Wheely King/Crawler King Series and the HPI Savage Monster Truck, world famous for its brutal durability. Ito wanted to add a desert truck to his design milestones.


With TSA and HPI working on parallel Mini-Trophy desert projects, the highlight is TSA utilizing an independent suspension design base for their new full scale desert truck. Ito was thinking independent suspension as well and while normal for R/C, independent rear suspension is not so normal for a 1:1 off road race vehicle, especially a truck. TSA is building this new truck to race in the 7200-class, basically a scaled down version of a trophy truck, more like a mini-truck that was once a 4-cylinder pick up truck. Most "mini-trucks" these days are not so "mini" and come with 6-cylinders, but compared to a 6,000+ lbs / 800 horsepower Trophy Truck, the 7200-Class is simply a "Mini-Trophy." TSA is using an in-line Jeep 6-cylinder HESCO built engine. HPI also likes the "Mini-Trophy" moniker and named this 1/12 scale 4WD desert truck accordingly. Stay tuned to your favorite RC news site or 1 to 1 motorsports news outlets for more information.

  • SCALE REALISM: It's no secret that scale realism is what everyone wants and HPI Racing delivers this in a package influenced by the relationship with a full-size off-road desert race team - TSA Motorsports. An interesting note about this particularly "special project" is the fact that TSA used the body styling from HPI Racing and shaped the TSA full-size 7200 class truck to look like the HPI Mini-Trophy Truck. Yes, the HPI Mini-Trophy came first!
  • HPI DURABILITY: The HPI Mini-Trophy Truck uses nothing but the finest grade, high-impact nylon plastic on the most critical areas of the truck - from the bumpers to the super beefy arms and everything in between. HPI's industry known strength and durability makes the MINI-TROPHY friendly for all, and most of all - FUN!
  • DRIVABILITY: With a four wheel drive system, driving is made easy. Drivability testing has rendered extremely impressive results. Add more power with a brushless system and the stability and control is still there! The truck simply drives really well in the loose dirt. When traction breaks loose and the rear end of the vehicle is swung out and on-throttle, the truck remains controllable. Bottom line, this 4WD technical feature adds to the overall fun factor.
  • HISTORY OF FUN: At HPI Racing, our motto is, "Creating Fun Since 1986." We keep that passion and driving force at the forefront and when projects like this are developed, we are especially excited with both the R/C vehicle replica and the relationship with the full-size race vehicle! HPI's passion for R/C is a reflection of our enthusiasm for motorsports. RTR Ready-To-RUN = FUN!


  • Desert Truck Body: Realistic looking three piece body with 1:1 replica race team graphics with windows to show driver figure set
  • Shaft drive 4WD: 4WD for high grip on any surface and the durability of shaft drive
  • Metal Gear Differentials: Tough metal gears for strength and durability
  • Steel Dogbones: Tough Steel Dogbones on all four corners
  • Aluminum Suspension Uprights: High strength aluminum front and rear uprights
  • Aluminum Hubs: Greater strength and durability
  • Realistic Desert Racing Tires: Officially Licensed Yokohama Geolandar Tires
  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension: Soaks up the ruts and bumps of desert terrain
  • Oil filled shocks: Oil filled shocks for smooth suspension dampening
  • Threaded Shock Bodies: Easily adjustable threaded shocks for quick ride height changes
  • Realistic Spare Tires: Two lightweight faux-spare wheels/tires are mounted in the truck bed for realistic desert truck looks
  • Realistic Interior with Two Driver figure set: Say hello to your little friends
  • Adjustable Slipper Clutch: The included slipper clutch protects the drivetrain and can be adjusted to suit track conditions
  • Complete Ball Bearings: A complete set of ball bearings is included for drivetrain efficiency and low maintenance
  • Skid Plate Bumpers: Front and rear skid plate bumpers for realistic looks and crash protection
  • Adjustable Body Mounts: Adjustable body mounts to help fine tune the body height and width
  • Tough Chassis: High strength nylon tub chassis for durability
  • Roll Cage: Complete interior roll cage for scale looks and crash protection
  • Compatible Wheels: 1.9" wheels with 12mm hex hubs allow you to use a wide variety of aftermarket wheels
  • 12mm Hex Hubs: Industry standard for compatibility with a wide variety of optional wheels
  • Desert Truck Suspension: Realistic looking desert truck suspension arms for high grip and scale looks
  • Brushless Capable: Strong gearbox to allow brushless upgrades

Length: 21" (533.4mm)
Width: 9 3/16" (233mm)
Wheelbase: 12 9/32" (312mm)
Height: 6 3/8" (162mm)

Needed to complete:

  • 7.2V Battery and compatible charger
  • (8) AA Batteries for transmitter
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HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body
Click to enlarge
HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body
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HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body
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HPI Mini-Trophy 1/12 Scale RTR Electric 4WD Desert Truck w/DT-1 Body
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