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Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set w/Petronas Toms SC430 Body

Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set w/Petronas Toms SC430 Body
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Price: $154.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: KYO32763PT-B
Manufacturer: Kyosho
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This is the Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set, with an included Petronas Toms Lexus SC430 Body. The MR-03VE evolution of the MINI-Z Racer now incorporates the latest brushless motor technology into its performance. Never used before on a MINI-Z, this model includes the Team Orion XSPEED VE brushless motor with its characteristic high durability, power, RPM and a flat torque feel. The MINI-Z takes full advantage of the brushless motor’s efficient low friction; non-contact properties that minimize wear and reduce electrical noise to deliver outstanding linear response and smooth acceleration for a sensorless brushless motor that is approved for use in the MINI-Z Cup and other official races. A limit applied to maximum RPM keeps the playing field level for all drivers. In addition, a circuit board with ICS function connects to a PC (adapter sold separately) for precision setting adjustments. Just download the ‘ICS VE Manager’ software from the Kyosho website to manage the brushless motor settings and remove the RPM limit to extract the full potential from your machine. The upper cover also allows simple mounting of the optional gyro. Now the MR-03’s dynamic performance is turbo-charged with brushless motor power to mark the next stage in the evolution of MINI-Z performance and technology.

Variable Camber Suspension
Upper arms connected to king pins and knuckles with ball links allow the camber angle to change with suspension stroke, just like on a real car. Tire contact with the surface remains constant, even during chassis roll and suspension stroke from surface tracing. The digital steering servo uses a coreless motor that delivers quick steering response and sharp maneuverability that feels like its riding on rails. Also, the upper arm and one-piece cantilever provide ideal cushioned movement for the coil spring. In addition, the stainless steel king pin and wheel shaft delivers smooth movement for excellent running stability. Precision geometry settings eliminate toe in and toe out change during suspension stroke and produce a neutral steering feel. The innovative VCS (Variable Camber Suspension) represents a significant evolutionary step in the history of the MINI-Z.

Digital steering servo with coreless motor and gear reduction
The powerful position retention and movement of the digital servo is enhanced with the adoption of a coreless motor that provides instantaneous pick up and stopping. In addition, the steering gear unit has 3 times the gear ratio of previous versions for greater power in holding its position so it holds its line firmly in the face of kickbacks from the road surface and also delivers even more precise movement and response.

What is ARR Chassis Set? An ARR Chassis Set is a semi-assembled chassis model that includes nearly everything you need to run. A Pre-painted body is included, so only consumables like batteries and a KT-18 transmitter (KYO82001) are required so you can start operating the model without delay. 


  • MR-03 Chassis Set with brushless motor installed
  • Compatible with all existing MINI-Z Racer body types
  • Special brushless motor circuit board features 3 LEDs to indicate proper function
  • Redesigned upper cover enables simple gyro installation
  • Compatible with optional parts for the MR-03 chassis
  • Features innovative ‘VCS’ front suspension that changes camber angle in concert with suspension stroke
  • ASF2.4GHz R/C system removes need to manage frequency bands. A single transmitter can be used with multiple models (NOTE: Transmitter sold separately).
  • Equipped with digital steering servo with integrated coreless motor
  • Coil springs on front suspension can be easily replaced by removing the spring stopper with just two screws
  • Features high efficiency gold plated motor terminals
  • Pre-calibrated zero point steering setting

Length: 124-133mm (MM Chassis:125-133mm, RM Chassis:124-132mm)
Width: 65-76mm
Height: 34-35mm
Wheelbase: 86-106mm (86,90,94,98,102,106)
Tread (F/R): (Wide) 61.5mm/59mm; (Narrow) 56.5mm/56.5mm [when wheel offset is 0]
Tire (F/R): 23.5-25×8.5mm/25-27×8.5-11mm
Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
Weight: 135g approx.


  • Factory assembled MR-03W chassis, MM-type motor mount installed
  • Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor
  • One-piece RA-27 receiver and brushless motor circuit board equipped with ICS connector
  • Modification parts for RM-type motor mount
  • Upper and lower plate and steering tie rod for (front) narrow tread (included)
  • Front suspension spacers for adjustment
  • Pinion Gears (7T, 8T, 9T)
  • Wheel wrench
  • Pinion gear tool
  • Pairing stick
  • Spare wheel nuts

Required for Operation:

  • ASF 2.4GHz Perfex KT-18 transmitter for MINI-Z or Kyosho EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011) & batteries
  • (4) AAA sized alkaline or Ni-MH batteries for chassis
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Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set w/Petronas Toms SC430 Body
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Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set w/Petronas Toms SC430 Body
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Kyosho MR-03VE ARR Mini-Z Racer Chassis Set w/Petronas Toms SC430 Body
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