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Synergy E6/E7 Flybarless Torque Tube Electric Helicopter Kit

Synergy E6/E7 Flybarless Torque Tube Electric Helicopter Kit
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Price: $595.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: SYN-999-307
Manufacturer: Synergy
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This is the Synergy E6/E7 Flybarless Torque Tube Electric Helicopter Kit. Designed by Matt Botos, the Synergy E6/E7 is a revolutionary machine with the ability to use 600mm to 716mm blades, so you can choose to build either a 600 or 700 class bird! Additional E6/E7 features include rigid carbon fiber frames, with space to accommodate either 8S, 10S or 12S LiPo batteries and motors up to 60mm in diameter. The flybarless head is compatible with all of today's flybarless electronics simplifying electronics choices, while a triple bearing block design ensures proper gear mesh and eliminates frame flex. The unique carbon fiber servo arms look good and are extremely rigid, providing consistent and precise linkage operation. Finally, the helical cut main gear is stealthy silent, smooth and durable, and is able to withstand the abuse from todays high powered electronics. 14 and 15 tooth pinion gears are included to suit a variety of applications with 12 and 13 tooth gears available as option parts.


  • Unparalleled Mod 1.25 Shaft Driven Tail Transmission
  • Tail delrin bevel and spur gears for super silent operations
  • Precision machined helical main gear
  • Third bearing block support for main shaft
  • Bearing block support for motor pinion
  • Multiple battery configuration options (8s, 10s, 12s)
  • Flybarless head designed specially for ALL of today’s FBL Electronics
  • Extremely light and ultra rigid carbon fiber frame design for serious competition pilots
  • Motor mount handles 4x30mm mounting patterns
  • Motors up to 60mm in diameter accepted between frames
  • Accepts rotor blades 600-716mm
  • Carbon servo arms provide a more precise feel during flight
  • 14 & 15T Pinions included (12-13T pinions optional)
  • Fully adjustable gear mesh

Height: 402mm
Length: 1260mm
Main Gear Ratios: 7.33:1 - 9.66:1
E6 Main Blade Length: 600-630mm
E7 Main Blade Length: 690-716mm
Tail Blade Length: 95-105mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 256mm
Main Shaft: 10mm Hollow
Head Axle: 8mm

Needed to Complete:

  • Transmitter & Receiver (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
  • (3) Cyclic servos
  • (1) Tail servo
  • (1) Flybarless System
  • Brushless ESC & Motor
  • 600-630mm main rotor blades for 600 configuration
  • 690-716mm main rotor blades for 700 configuration
  • 8S, 10S or 12S Li-Po battery
  • Various tools for building and setup
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Synergy E6/E7 Flybarless Torque Tube Electric Helicopter Kit
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