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Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit

Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
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Price: $385.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: TKR5002
Manufacturer: Tekno RC
Average Rating: Not Rated

This is the Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit. The EB48.2 has raised the bar in the 1/8 e-Buggy class once again! The EB48.2 buggy is not only more competitive than the first gen EB48, it also represents the best value in its class. Tekno RC has included a variety of updated and option parts that improve the overall performance and durability, without increasing the price of the kit!

The list of improvements on the EB48.2 is extensive. Previously optional items like the XT suspension arms (TKR5030XT, TKR5036XT), +1.5 degree rear toe plate (TKR5013B), an added 0.5 degree offset insert to go along with the 1.0 and 0.0 offset inserts (TKR5021) have been combined with redesigned shock cartridges and shock bushings (TKR6008), overhauled differentials with redesigned cross-pins and internal gears (TKR5149, TKR5150) as well as redesigned straight cut, lightened CNC diff ring and pinion gears (TKR5151, TKR5152) that are quieter, smoother and more efficient. Lightened differential outdrives (TKR5112X, TKR5114X) are used throughout and the lightened aluminum center driveshaft (TKR5077) is now standard as well. The redesigned angled rear gearbox (TKR5016B) and larger bearings (TKRBB05134) are also included to help reduce wear and increase efficiency by minimizing the drive angles.

Up front the EB48.2 features an updated HD servo saver spring (TKR5101X), while lightened steering posts (TKR5102A) and lightened suspension sleeves (TKR5054A, TKR5055A) help reduce weight without sacrificing durability. Aluminum hard anodized pivot balls are used throughout (TKR5049A, TKR5052A, TKR5053A, TKR5058A, TKR5079A) to reduce weight, while a redesigned, more durable servo horn has also been included. Combine all of this with an improved out-of-the-box setup and you have a high performance, competition level platform that includes everything you need to win.

Updated EB48.2 Features:

  • Updated XT arms front and rear (TKR5030XT, TKR5036XT)
  • +1.5 degree rear outer toe plate for more adjustability (TKR5013B)
  • Differential ring and pinion gears for smoother and quieter operation (TKR5151, TKR5152)
  • Updated internal differential gears with low wear cross-pin design (TKR5149, TKR5150)
  • Updated shock cartridge internals to minimize shaft deflection (TKR6008)
  • Updated upper shock mount bushings to increase consistency (TKR6008)
  • Updated rear inner bulkhead with larger bearing to reduce wear and increase efficiency (TKR5016B, TKRBB05134)
  • Hard anodized aluminum pivot balls throughout – reduces weight (TKR5049A, TKR5052A, TKR5053A, TKR5058A, TKR5079A)
  • Hard anodized aluminum front spindle and suspension bushings – reduces weight (TKR5054A, TKR5055A)
  • Aluminum steering posts – reduces weight (TKR5102A)
  • Aluminum front center driveshaft – reduces rotating mass (TKR5077)
  • Lightened differential outdrives throughout – reduces rotating mass (TKR5112X, TKR5114X)
  • Updated servo saver spring for more precise steering feel (TKR5101X)
  • Updated steering servo horn for better durability
  • 1.0, 0.5, and 0.0mm offset hinge pin inserts for more adjustability (TKR5021)
  • Updated setup sheet for improved handling

Other Features:

  • Lightweight easily adjustable wing mount system. High downforce wing included
  • Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, rear arm length, Ackerman, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box
  • Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count
  • All metric hex hardware
  • Sub-7lb running weight easily achievable

435mm (without wing)
Wheelbase: 323-335mm
Width: 306-310*mm (*optional hubs required)
Weight: 3200g (7.0lb) (RTR weight equipped w/ Tekin RX8, 500g battery, rx, etc)
Diff Ratio: F/R – 10/40t, Center – 44t
Battery tray dimensions: 50x148mm (2x2s or 1x4s config)
Kit/RTR: Kit

Needed to complete:

  • 2/3 channel radio/transmitter
  • 1/8 Scale ESC and motor
  • High torque steering servo, optional brake servo
  • Pinion Gear -or- Traktion Drive / Elektri-Clutch system
  • 4-6s LiPo battery
  • 1/8th scale buggy tires, wheels & CA glue
  • Paint for body
  • Hex tools (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm), pliers, other tools
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Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
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Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
Click to enlarge
Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
Click to enlarge
Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
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Tekno RC EB48.2 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
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