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Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Black)

Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Black)
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Price: $176.00
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Model: BMH-E4-A-1B
Manufacturer: Beam Helicopter
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This is the Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Helicopter Kit. If you're looking for a Heli that is not just a cloned version of an existing design, the Beam E4 V2 Advance is what you've been looking for. From the first CAD drawings, Beam engineers set out to design the E4 V2 to be a stand alone design that was not just different, but better than the leading models both in not only design and quality, but most importantly performance! A no holds barred approach was taken to develop an all original design with no reverse engineering.

Beam designers started by developing a wide spaced main frame, rather than the conventional stacked frame layout to reduce parts count and overall weight. Next, they developed an improved tail belt drive design that runs the belt via a large diameter main pulley for reduced belt drag, and noise. Idler pulleys keep the belt from slipping during even the toughest 3D maneuvers. Dual 1-way bearings were then added to the aluminum auto hub to remove gear slop and complete the bullet proof drive-train.

With the frame system completed, Beam engineers next moved to improve the main and tail rotor systems. On the Main Rotor system, they went with an all metal Swashplate with adjustable lower Swashplate ring so your Beam would never develop a sloppy feel.

Designers then focused on the Main rotor head, where they developed the all metal head to include High-G 3D thrust bearings and dampeners as standard. This was done to eliminate tracking issues, regardless of head speed. While they were at it, they added dual ball bearings to all the mixing levers, bringing the total bearing count to 33.

On to the tail rotor Beam developed an ingenious 1 piece aluminum tail case for reduced weight and ease of maintenance. Add ball bearing metal tail grips with a metal pitch slider and pitch plate, and you have a solid tail for maximized gyro hold. As the final touch, Beam added their virtually unbreakable landing struts to protect your bird from the hardest autos you can throw at it.

No reverse engineering, just forward thinking. At Beam, doing things better is not just a concept, it's a reality. So put away your dinosaur 450 and step up to the innovative Beam E4 V2 advanced. You'll be glad you did.

V2 Advance Improvements:

  • Improved one way sleeve/one way assembly: A 1 piece one way sleeve with the shim at the base of the sleeve makes for an even more precise fit than before!
  • Rear tail servo mounts in frame: This will accommodate a mini and a micro servo, plus also will fit a full sized tail servo mounted on the boom. The idea of having the servo mounted in the main part of the body is the centralized point of balance.
  • Strengthened airframe: Another great part of this new design is the integrated battery tray and additional frame support. It also features slots in the under tray for greater cooling to the rear tail servo.

Standard E4 Features:

  • No Options Needed: Carbon Fiber/CNC Machined aluminum construction throughout
  • Ultra-low parts count design: Easy servicing and reduced weight
  • Drive System: Direct Drive tail drive pulley system for reduced noise and drag
  • Main Frame: One piece Carbon stacked frame design with high quality aluminum bearing blocks, cross-members, and boom mounts
  • Ball Bearings: Full (33) Ball Bearings throughout for unmatched precision
  • Single Piece Tail Bell: Easier assembly, maintainence and durability with precise smooth finish, with ultra quiet direct drive tail system.
  • Main Rotor Head: CNC Aluminum Rotor Head assembly complete with High-G 3D thrust bearings and dampeners.
  • Tail Rotor: Durable one-piece CNC aluminum tail case and tail blade grips
  • Swashplate: Beautifully machined all aluminum, adjustable Swashplate for the ultimate in precise control
  • Main Drive: Dual bearing autorotation unit with delrin main gear for increased durability and reduced play
  • Landing Gear: Special, virtually unbreakable landing skids with etched skid tubes as standard

Length: 660mm (26")
Height: 218mm (8.58")
Main Blade Length: 325mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 723mm (28.46")
Weight (less power system): 645g (22.75OZ)
Main Gear: 150T
Main Drive Pulley: 51T
Gear Ratio: From 1:10.71:4.63 (1:9.37:4.63)

Needed to Complete:

  • Transmitter & Receiver
  • Servos
  • Gyro
  • Electronic Speed Controller & Motor
  • Lipo Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Tools
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Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Black)
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