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Thunder Tiger Titan X50 Combo Kit w/Torque Tube Tail, 53H & 3D Muffler

Thunder Tiger Titan X50 Combo Kit w/Torque Tube Tail, 53H & 3D Muffler
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Price: $435.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: TTR4856-K11
Manufacturer: Thunder Tiger
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This is the Thunder Tiger Titan X50 Nitro Helicopter, with a Torque Tube Tail. This kit includes a Thunder Tiger 53H engine, and 3D muffler! Thunder Tiger’s Titan X50 helicopter takes full advantage of torque tube-driven tail technology, delivering ultra-smooth handling and adrenaline pumping 3D performance! Equipped with the same powerful features of the beltdriven Titan X50B and a variety of upgrades, this is an awesome 50-class eCCPM machine.

Tom-Erik Rolfson, Master Expert pilot with Team Thunder Tiger International, raves about the Torque Tube Titan X50: “It is the lightest 50-size helicopter I have ever flown. It is agile and fast, but at the same time, it is smooth and stable. It has unbelievable fast pitch response and a strong tail.”

Features of the Titan X50 Torque Tube K11 Kit:

  • Includes Thunder Tiger 53H engine and 3D Hi-flow muffler!
  • Highly efficient torque tube-driven tail rotor delivers crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer
  • One-piece, machined metal tail case is strong, durable and weighs only 26 grams
  • Compound carbon/aluminum tail boom adds stiffness and reduces vibration
  • High precision, under-slung metal rotor head for awesome 3D performance
  • Each tail rotor grip has a dual radius and thrust bearing, for unprecedented precision and reliability
  • Lightweight metal tail boom bracket
  • All shafts are made of heat-treated, hardened stainless steel (10mm main shaft, 7mm feathering shaft, and 5mm tail output shaft)
  • Lengthened receiver tray for LiPo battery
  • Includes 600mm carbon main blades

Standard Titan X50B Features:

  • High quality, pre-printed fiberglass canopy (blue)
  • One piece carbon frame with 30mm slim profile
  • Dual radial, single thrust bearings and metal trail grips with 95mm blades
  • Lightweight and vented clutch bell/metal-reinforced ribs
  • Lightweight and vented main and tail gear set design
  • Lightweight, rugged landing skid
  • Carbon base plate and carbon fin
  • Shrouded fan for efficient heat dissipation
  • Spacious 3-deck tray for electronic devices
  • Main and header fuel tanks with total capacity of 480 cc
  • Lightweight 20-gram paddles for 3D performance
  • +/- 15° Collective and +/- 25° Cyclic travel

Main Rotor Diameter: 53" (1345mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.25" (260mm)
Fuselage Length: 47.25" (1200mm)
Fuselage Width: 7.87" (200mm)
Weight (fully equipped): 7.16 lbs (3250 g)

Needed to Complete:

  • Radio with minimum of 6-channels
  • Five servos
  • Gyro with heading lock
  • 4.8V NiMH battery, minimum of 1200mAh
  • Remote Glow Starter
  • Glow Fuel
  • Starting Shaft: 6mm hex size
  • Electric Starter

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