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Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE Helicopter kit (Blue)

Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE Helicopter kit (Blue)
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Price: $210.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: TTR4854-K10L
Manufacturer: Thunder Tiger
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This is the Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE kit with a Blue paint Scheme. A major upgrade off the original Raptor 50 Titan, the Titan SE features critical metal parts to handle all the power delivered by the RL-53H. Another key feature is that collective pitch has been increased to a range of +/-15 degree. This major modification provides unbeatable pitch response so the helicopter reacts as quickly as you want it to. The Raptor 50 Titan SE combines all the key features needed for Extreme 3D flight. Whatever the maneuver we're sure you will feel the performance that the Titan SE provides.


  • New Design for main rotor hub and mixing lever delivers ±15° collective pitch
  • Nonlinear flapping damper for aggressive 3D flying
  • Positive delta angle delivers sharp response
  • New clutch support for increased durability
  • New design for metal aileron lever
  • New design for tail support bracket
  • Specification:
  • Full Length of fuselage: 1220mm (48.03")
  • Full width of fuselage: 1400mm (5.51")
  • Total height: 400mm (15.74")
  • Main rotor dia: 1345mm (52.95")
  • Tail rotor dia: 236mm (9.29")
  • Gear ratio: (STD) : 1:8.5:4.56 / (OP) : 1:8.73:4.56
  • Full equipped weight: 3400g (7.5 lbs)

Accessories Needed:

  • Radio Set - Transmitter (6 or more channels)
  • Servo x5
  • Receiver
  • Receiver Battery
  • Switch Harness
  • Gyro
  • Engine - Heli engine (.50~.53 size)
  • Muffler
  • 600mm Blades
  • Glow Plug
  • Glow Fuel (15% - 30%)
  • 1.5V Glow Starter
  • Fuel Pump
  • 12V Electric Starter
  • Extended 6mm Hex (starting tool)
  • Remote Glow Plug Extension
  • Glow Plug Wrench
  • Rubber Band
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Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE Helicopter kit (Blue)
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