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AquaCraft SuperVee 27R Brushless FE Deep Vee RTR w/Tactic 2.4GHz Radio System

AquaCraft SuperVee 27R Brushless FE Deep Vee RTR w/Tactic 2.4GHz Radio System
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Price: $215.00
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Model: AQUB23**
Manufacturer: AquaCraft
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This is the AquaCraft SuperVee 27R, Ready to Run Brushless FE Deep Vee. It's the complete package in a ready-to-run offshore racer! A 6-pole, 1800kV brushless motor pushes the SuperVee 27R to exhilarating speeds, while a Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system delivers precise, interference-free control. Another bonus of this boat is the included "GrimRacer" hardware that boosts performance, handling and durability. With all this and a super-sleek design this SuperVee is a worthy FE class competitor!


  • Watertight radio box: The compact receiver, servo and brushless 45A ESC are all fully protected inside a watertight box.
  • Brushless ESC and water cooling jacket: The 45A brushless ESC features Dean's® Ultra® plugs and 4mm bullet connectors. Running temps are kept cool by a specially designed water jacket.
  • Lightweight fiberglass hull: The durable, lightweight fiberglass hull is hand-laid and painted.
  • Turn fins and rudder: The FE turn fins and rudder are made of black anodized aluminum for consistent performance, durability and impressive looks. The stainless steel trim tabs resist flexing, and are adjustable. The transom-mounted pickup channels cooling water to the motor and ESC.
  • Adjustable strut assembly: The surface drive adjustable strut assembly is made of machined aluminum with a .150" flex drive cable. A 3/16" prop shaft allows for unlimited prop selection.
  • Aluminum water jacket: The SuperVee 27R's machined aluminum water jacket channels water around the motor can – removing heat for maximum performance and reliability.
  • GrimRacer Cowl Lock System: The ingenious GrimRacer Cowl Lock System boasts the durability of stainless and spring steel. It's a quick, easy and convenient way to attach and remove the hatch – with no loose parts to misplace.
  • TTX240 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Radio System:
    • Worry-free control – no signal interference
    • Convenience – no crystals to contend with
    • Secure Link Technology™ – prevents the receiver from recognizing any transmitter signal except yours
  • Receiver, servo and ESC are all factory-installed
  • Equipped with High-Performance GrimRacer hardware!
  • Powerful brushless motor designed for marine use
  • Completely assembled and ready for exciting racing action
  • A popular spec class boat at FE events

Hull Length:
27" (686mm)
Width: 8.13" (205mm)
Height: 5.5" (140mm)
RTR Weight: 3.5 lb (1.59 kg)


  • AquaCraft 6-pole 1800kV brushless motor
  • 45A brushless ESC with Dean's® Ultra® connector
  • Tactic™ TTX240 2.4GHz radio
  • Tactic SX100 servo

Needed to Complete:

  • (4) "AA" batteries
  • (2) 6-cell NiMH batteries with Dean's® Ultra Plug® connector
  • Battery charger

Tech Note: You may notice the following once you begin examining your SuperVee 27R and preparing for its first launch. Inside the boat, you might find a small, loose 2" block of foam. This foam is intended as a flotation device and should be attached to the inside of the cowl. Simply use epoxy or household cement (such as Shoe Goo) to reattach the foam to the cowl. Additionally, after plugging your batteries into the ESC, you may hear a constant, steady beeping. If so, please rotate your throttle trim knob to the 2 o'clock position to start the arming process. 

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AquaCraft SuperVee 27R Brushless FE Deep Vee RTR w/Tactic 2.4GHz Radio System
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