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Mugen Seiki MBX7TE 1/8 Off-Road 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Mugen Seiki MBX7TE 1/8 Off-Road 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit
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Price: $385.00
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Model: MUGE2014
Manufacturer: Mugen Seiki
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This is the Mugen MBX7TE 1/8 Scale Off-Road 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit. The MBX7TE is based off the MBX7 buggy and features many of the concepts Mugen achieved with the World Champion Buggy. But the Electric Truggy has its own unique designs with excellent weight distribution and features which that separate the MBX7TE from any other Electric Truggy on the market.

With a strong concentrated on creating more natural corner speed, Mugen decided to redesign the front and rear suspension arms to be longer length. In addition, the 7TE front suspension is very unique compared to any other Truggies on the market as you have full adjustability of track-width with the ultra-smooth pillar ball design; you have maximum camber, caster and roll center adjustments.

On the rear end, the updated rear suspension arms help create more rear traction and ultra-smooth action through bumps, jumps and any other obstacles. And of course, the rear suspension has fully adjustable anti-squat and toe in with simple bushing changes in the pivot and rear toe in block. Mugen also includes their famous big bore shocks standard on the 7TE so you can be confident that you suspension will be among the finest on the track.

Mugen equipped the 7TE with a special battery tray which will accept two 2S LiPo batteries in a staggered mounting position for optimum weight distribution or a standard single 4S battery. The designed aluminum motor mount has been beefed up so you can run the bigger and faster electric motors without losing gear mesh or without unwanted flex. There is a heavy duty sliding motor mount that is anchored down with 4mm screws for extra strength. The optimal chassis layout of the battery tray, center diff mount and radio tray/servo box will provide awesome steering, great rear traction and great jumping abilities.

Moving on to the drivetrain, Mugen has passed down the lightweight and cut-out front and rear conical gears seen on the MBX7 buggy to the 7TE Truggy. These lightweight parts help reduce rotational mass, boost efficiency and overall, 'free-up' the drivetrain. Both the bevel and conical differential gears are straight cut and heat treated for maximum smoothness and reliability. Arriving with a 46 tooth plastic spur gear and a 14 tooth steel pinion out of the box, the lightweight drivetrain of the MBX7TE will create massive power efficiency. 

The overall look of the 7TE is awesome with the redesigned aerodynamic low cab forward body which fits tight over the front shock tower and molded side guards of the Truggy. The body is designed for the right amount of front down-force to make the Truggy steer hard but not to be too aggressive. The Mugen wing will keep the back of the Truggy hooked up and flying perfect off jumps.


  • Heavy duty aluminum motor mount housing A
  • Heavy duty aluminum motor mount B (screws to the electric motor)
  • Small composite molded receiver and steering servo tray
  • 3mm A7075 hard anodized chassis
  • Lightweight steel spur gear
  • Lightweight conical gears
  • Straight cut conical and ring gears
  • Specially designed front and rear lower suspension arm
  • Specially designed rear suspension pivot plate and rear toe in block
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension plates
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
  • 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
  • Stylish cab forward Truggy body
  • High down-force wing which is adjustable front to back 

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor & ESC
  • 2-Channel Radio System
  • High Torque Steering Servo
  • (2) 2S LiPo Batteries or (1) 4S LiPo (at least 5000mAh)
  • Compatible Battery Charger
  • 1/8 Scale Truggy Tires, Inserts & CA glue 
  • Polycarbonate Paint (for body)
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Mugen Seiki MBX7TE 1/8 Off-Road 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit
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Mugen Seiki MBX7TE 1/8 Off-Road 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit
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