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OFNA Hyper 9 Pro 2.0 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit

OFNA Hyper 9 Pro 2.0 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit
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Model: OFN14352
Manufacturer: OFNA
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This is the OFNA Hyper 9 Pro 2.0 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit. The Hyper 9 Pro 2.0 is a completely new design from the ground up with many new and innovative ideas. Several criteria were set and met in this new design. Weight was number one and always a concern with every part designed for the buggy. Next, in order of importance, was side to side balance, low center of gravity and ground clearance, all on as narrow a chassis as possible. On the performance side, the buggy had to accelerate, corner, jump and land better than any other buggy on the market.

  • Keep it Light: The number one goal in the new design was to keep the Hyper 9 Pro 2.0 light weight. Reduced weight equals faster acceleration and cornering speed. Smaller 8x14mm bearings have been used throughout the chassis (except for the rear 8x16mm wheel hub bearings). The number of screws has been reduced, the plastic was reduced and the amount of aluminum used was reduced. The total part count has also been reduced.
  • Spur Gear: The engine was moved toward the center by using a 40 tooth spur gear and keep the 13 tooth clutch bell. By doing this the center drive line angles are straighter which reduces the scrub on the joint pins.
  • Relocated Brakes: Moving the engine closer to the center drive line did not allow room for the rear brake on the center outdrive, so the disk was moved to the rear pinion shaft.
  • Tilted Engine: The engine has been angled 25° toward the center for four reasons. 1- Allowed clearance between the engine mount flange and center drive shaft. 2- Moved weight toward the center of the chassis. 3- Lowered center of gravity. 4- Places the pipe closer to the center of the chassis. All this combined with the asymmetric aluminum chassis plate balances the buggy left to right with a half tank of fuel.
  • Ground Clearance: Ground clearance has been overlooked for years by most 1/8 scale designs. The chassis has been shortened for clearance front and rear, while keeping the same wheel base as the Hyper 8.5. The bend for the 10° kick up in the nose has been moved forward as much as possible to increase clearance. The aluminum chassis plate has been reduced in size, cut on all four corners, and the side guards have been angled up for extra clearance. This is especially important when the chassis leans and squats while exiting a corner.
  • Gearing: The buggy accelerates and has greater top end speed because of the 11/43 gear combination at the front/rear gear boxes and the 14/40 combination at the center differential. The faster spinning center differential also reduces the torque effect of the engine.
  • Low Center of Gravity: The following items have been lowered on the chassis for a lower center of gravity; steering servo, throttle servo, engine, radio box, center differential, all brake hardware, shock towers, rear wing, air filter and the fuel tank.
  • Better Cornering and Jumping: Most of the testing for the new Hyper 9 2.0 was setting roll center points front and rear for better balance through the corners and better jumping. The new buggy has better matching roll centers that make the buggy more consistent as the track conditions change. The front roll center was lowered quite a bit, while the rear was only lowered slightly. The Hyper 9 2.0 runs stiffer front springs and the front end rides higher. This combined with the reduced weight, allows the buggy to jump farther (chassis doesn't scrub off speed on the face of jumps) and recovers from landings faster (chassis doesn't bottom out as hard).
  • Front C-Hub and Steering Knuckles: The C-Hub and steering knuckle has been reduced in size and weight. The kingpin axes are directly in the center of the front tires. This reduces the shock on the steering servo when hitting rocks, holes and pipes. Front bump-steer has been eliminated with longer front tie rods and better alignment.
  • Front Kick-Up and Caster: The chassis has a 10° kick-up with 20° total caster. The bend in the kickup has been moved forward to increase ground clearance aft of the bulkhead.
  • Adjustable Ackerman: The ackerman is a very important adjustment and is sometimes overlooked. The Hyper 9 has three ackerman positions for steering from mild to wild. The ackerman is adjusted by changing the ackerman wire in the center of the servo saver. The Hyper 9 2.0 uses a 2.8mm wire instead of a ackerman plate. The designers at OFNA have determined that the wire is more reliable, stays tighter,and is more consistent. The performance has proven that this system is much better than conventional ackerman systems and is a great example of when simple is better.
  • Throttle/Brake Linkage: The throttle/brake bell crank is angled 25° inline with the carburetor so no binding occurs. The bell crank also allows the servo to be laid down and moved forward for better weight distribution. The brake linkage is a very simple wire with a z-bend, instead of a variety of little parts held together with bolts and nuts. The brake bias is very easily adjusted with a nylon nut on the threaded rod end. Another example of when simple is better.
  • Low Speed Needle Adjustment: The low speed needle is very easy to adjust, and in most cases easier than traditional buggy designs. The body only has to be lifted a few millimeters and the needle can be seen through the side window. You also do not need a long screw driver because the carburetor is closer to the right side of the buggy. Another plus is the idle stop screw is easier to adjust.
  • 17mm Shocks: Superior 17mm shocks have been added for quicker absorption of big ruts and bumps. The shock bodies use a unique hard anodizing process for wear resistance, and are threaded for easy adjustment of ride height. The shock pistons are Teflon coated for smooth, consistent movement throughout the range of travel.
  • Fuel Tank: The fuel tank is made oversize with a filler insert that screws down inside to allow the tank to be adjusted to maximum capacity. The tank lid is designed to provide a perfect seal every time it is closed even when the tank is hot or cold. This is due to the newly designed spring touching on the the middle of the self centering lid with a V-shaped seal.
  • Side Guard: the right side guard is tall, to protect the servos and forms the lower half of the receiver/battery box. The number of screws you have to remove to take out the radio box is the same as the old buggy due to the one piece design.
  • Differentials: The differentials are the same diameter and have the same fluid capacity as the old ones, but are a few millimeters shorter.
  • Sway Bar Mounts: The sway bars are held in place by two set screws angled to allow for different diameter wires.
  • Rear Toe: Rear Toe is adjustable from 2 to 6 degrees total, and the rear anti-squat is adjustable from 1 to 3 degrees.
  • Suspension Arm Fingers: The suspension arm fingers at the outer ends of the front and rear lower arms are shorter to eliminate flex.


  • New +4mm long, 4mm thick light weight CNC chassis
  • New design light weight arms
  • Lunsford titanium turnbuckles
  • Pro-Line ProtoForm Crowd Pleaser Body 2.0
  • Pro-Line Crime Fighter Tires
  • Pro-Line V2 wheels with OFNA PL inserts
  • Engine tilted 25° towards chassis center
  • 17mm threaded hard coated shocks
  • Lay down steering and throttle servo
  • Front and rear CNC brake discs with semi metallic pads
  • Low profile dual stage air filter
  • Front and rear universals
  • Low profile radio box integrated into stone guards
  • Steel internal diff gears
  • CNC aluminum steering knuckles
  • CNC aluminum shock towers front and rear
  • Polished 1 piece tuned pipe
  • Narrower diff case assembly
  • Newly designed fuel tank
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Center aluminum drive shafts
  • 3 adjustable ackerman positions
  • Lightweight flywheel with CNC clutch shoes
  • Integrated light weight 1 piece wing
  • C-hub front suspension
  • CNC center chassis support
  • 25° angled engine mounts

Length: 19.6"/499mm
Width: 12"/305mm
Wheel Base: 12.6"/322mm
Weight: 7.27lb/3300g

Items Needed for Completion:

  • .21 Off Road Nitro Engine
  • 2 Channel Radio System and 8AA Batteries
  • High Torque Steering and Brake Servo's (2)
  • 6V Receiver Battery
  • Glow Driver
  • Starter Box and Batteries
  • Nitro Fuel and Fuel Bottle
  • Paint for Polycarbonate Body
  • Charger for Receiver Pack & Starter Box Batteries
  • Tools for Assembly
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