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Kyosho Fazer Porsche 911 GT3 ReadySet 1/10 Nitro Touring Car w/Syncro 2.4GHz Radio

Kyosho Fazer Porsche 911 GT3 ReadySet 1/10 Nitro Touring Car w/Syncro 2.4GHz Radio
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Price: $170.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: KYO31400S-B
Manufacturer: Kyosho
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This is the Kyosho Fazer Porsche 911 GT3 ReadySet 1/10 Nitro Touring Car. Kyosho has done it again! A 10th scale, nitro powered sedan at an extremely affordable price, with the latest Syncro 2.4GHz radio system included as standard equipment. The FAZER brings you the intensity of nitro racing, without the heavy cost of getting started. Kyosho's design expertise has been fully applied in the creation of an entry-level GP touring car that is easy to control characteristics that have been combined with speed and performance.

Because this machine is focused on driving performance, the advanced shaft-driven 4WD chassis is fully pre-assembled and comes packaged as a Readyset. Just add fuel and batteries and take your place on the starting grid. The FAZER is made to Kyosho's highest quality standards and achieves the optimal balance between user-friendliness and performance. Now is the time to experience the thrill of GP touring car racing!

What is a Ready Set? A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.


  • Handle The Streets: Four wheel independent suspension with oil filled shocks for excellent handling.
  • Sealed Radio Box: Sealed radio box hatch can be attached or removed with one screw. Maintenance-friendly design provides effective protection for receiver and battery.
  • Low C.G.: Design secrets used to produce this low center of gravity chassis. Sophisticated high-quality design is also easy to drive.
  • Low Profile Engine: Low height heat sink head contributes to the low center of gravity design of the pre-mounted GZ-15 engine with special muffler. Fitted with recoil starter for quick and easy starting.
  • No Guess Work: Optimal length of brake rod removes need for tricky linkage adjustments. 2-speed transmission is available as an option for the center gear.
  • 3D Upper Deck: Revolutionary 3D upper plate produces high rigidity in the wide upper chassis section, advanced in design and high in quality.
  • Take Charge: Lightweight urethane bumper is included as a standard feature and provides effective absorption for unexpected contact and hits. Backs up aggressive driving when you're on the charge!
  • High Grade Tires: Equipped with 40 shore front and 30 shore rear high-grip rubber tires. Pre-glued onto wheels and ready to deliver excellent grip and balance for easy driving.
  • Rigid, Strong and Lightweight: Aluminum engine plate provides high heat dissipation for the newly developed hybrid resin tub chassis that is rigid, strong and lightweight.
  • Ready Set Package: Factory-assembled Readyset package only needs batteries and fuel to roar to life.
  • Easy Control: Shaft-drive 4WD chassis produces easy control response ideal for your 1st car.
  • Equipped With A Slide Carb: Slide carburetor delivers sharp acceleration and power on demand.
  • Efficient Drive Train: A total of 18 bearings used through the high-efficiency drive train for full-bearing specifications.
  • 75cc Fuel Tank: 75cc fuel tank with choke button gets fuel flowing with one-touch.
  • High Quality Body: Kyosho bodies are made from high quality polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre- decaled and pre- mounted.
  • 2.4GHz Syncro System: The all new Kyosho 2.4GHz transmitter, ultimate safety and function included with all New Fazer 2.4GHz Ready Sets.

Syncro 2.4GHz System Features:

  • Easy Access: The trim, EPA and servo reverse settings are located on the top panel of the radio for easy access, visibility, and to prevent accidental changes by bumping, knobs normally located on the front of other radios. The advanced nature of this design is ideal for beginners and intermediate drivers. Two position trigger neutral point allows a 70/30 or 50/50 neutral position for the throttle/brake trigger, making it ideal for both EP and GP vehicle.
  • 4 Channel Receiver: The advanced receiver design features four channels, which allows for future development and expansion. It also includes a fail-safe feature that will maintain control of your vehicle in the rare event of signal loss.
  • Ergonomic Design: The advanced ergonomic design is very comfortable and delivers superior control. The transmitter is powered with just four AA-size alkaline batteries, which makes the Syncro balanced and lightweight, which virtually eliminates the fatigue common with heavier radios

Scale: 1/10
Length: 383mm (15.0")
Width: 200mm (7.8")
Height: 92mm  (3.6")
Wheelbase: 260mm (10.2")
Weight: 1,775g (14.6lb)
Engine: GZ-15 with pull start (Nitro)


  • Factory-assembled chassis with control linkages complete
  • Equipped with special muffler and manifold
  • Finished pre-painted body
  • Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz / 4-channel 2-servo R/C system pre-installed
  • Pre-mounted GZ15 engine fitted with recoil starter and large cooling head.  
  • Fuel Bottle
  • Cross Wrench

Needed to Complete:

  • 20% RC Fuel
  • (12) AA-size batteries
  • (2) D size batteries for glow ignitor
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Kyosho Fazer Porsche 911 GT3 ReadySet 1/10 Nitro Touring Car w/Syncro 2.4GHz Radio
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