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Kyosho Birel Nitro Power 1/5 Scale Racing Go Kart (RTR)

Kyosho Birel Nitro Power 1/5 Scale Racing Go Kart (RTR)
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Price: $165.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: KYO31315T1-B
Manufacturer: Kyosho
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Kyosho was the first to bring racing karts to the RC market back in the 70's. There was also a second-generation kart from the early 90's. The Birel R31-SE is a third generation kart that sets a new standard for scale appearance and performance. The Kyosho Birel 1/5 Racing Kart is a scale replica of the popular R31-SE kart used in international FIA competition, where many Formula 1 drivers got their start in racing.

The Kyosho Racing Kart features scale bodywork and graphics identical to that of the full-size racing kart. Its factory assembled, so with some minor prep work, the R31 is ready to go in a very short time! The extreme performance and thrill of karting can now be experienced again with this latest generation replica of the famous Birel kart.

The R31 features a unique drivetrain identical to that of the full-size kart with a 2wd solid axle. This drive system along with the rigid suspension is what gives these high-performance karts such blistering performance, often rivaling that of many full-blown racecars. This is not just a fun model for beginners - it does feature an easy-to-start GZ15 engine and some basic chassis adjustments, but like the full-size kart, its performance is explosive, so it can capture the imagination of a wide range of enthusiasts from beginners to experts.


  • Awesome Detail - Fully replicated 1/5th scale model of the Birel R31-SE. Paint scheme replicates the actual Birel graphics and color.
  • Realistic Chassis - The Kyosho R31 is a perfect hybrid between the full-size kart and RC with trailing steering knuckles, belt drive system, and T-bar rear suspension.
  • Low CG - The chassis features a super low center of gravity and it's tuned for direct, responsive steering feel just like the full-size kart.
  • Powerful Acceleration - Newly developed exhaust pipe allows smooth but powerful acceleration and top speed.
  • Disk Brakes - Rear disc brake provides excellent stopping power and the ability to get the kart to rotate better in the corners.
  • Durable Components - Outer body parts made from durable, flexible material that's designed to withstand hard impacts.
  • New GZ15 Engine - Equipped with powerful, reliable GZ15 engine that features a two-needle slide carburetor for precise fuel metering, and durable, high-performance ABC construction.
  • High-Grip Rubber - Equipped with true-to-scale scale rubber tires featuring high-grip rubber, so the kart not only looks great, it also has great traction and superior handling.
  • 75CC Fuel Tank - Flip-top 75cc fuel tank allows for quick refills while the engine is running, so you can keep running for as long as you like.
  • 2 Shoe Clutch System - Two shoe tunable clutch provides a great balance of smooth and strong acceleration, and can be modified with optional clutch springs to tune for conditions.
  • Option Parts - Various optional parts are scheduled to be released.

Scale: 1:5
Width: 302mm
Length: 425mm
Height: 198mm
Wheelbase (max): 260mm
Track Width: 257mm
Weight: 2100g
Final Drive: 4.15:1

Ready Set Contents

  • Pre-assembled chassis by Kyosho
  • Completed body
  • Mounted GZ-15 engine with recoil starter
  • Special manifold and muffler
  • PERFEX KT-6 R/C system installed
  • Fuel Bottle
  • Plug Heater

Required For Operation

  • AA-size batteries x 12 for R/C system, D-size batteries x 2 for plug heater and fuel are sold separately.
  • R/C Fuel (20%)

NOTE: Your children will not fit in this chassis, unless they are 1/5 scale children.

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Kyosho Birel Nitro Power 1/5 Scale Racing Go Kart (RTR)
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Kyosho Birel Nitro Power 1/5 Scale Racing Go Kart (RTR)
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