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Axial SCX10 "Dingo" 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler "Builders Kit"

Axial SCX10 "Dingo" 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler "Builders Kit"
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Price: $175.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: AXI90021
Manufacturer: Axial
Average Rating: Not Rated

This is the Axial SCX10 "Dingo" 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler "Builders Kit". Get ready to hit the trails with the SCX10 DINGO Builders Kit as it features a realistic look and true functional steel C-channel ladder frame with bolt on shock hoops, molded skid plate, and dual spring oil filled shocks. These are just a few of the items that make this one capable off-road truck. The Dingo truck body is specifically designed for the trail because it incorporates a realistic molded roll cage and fender flares which are molded in tough durable composite plastics that will withstand the abuse of some of the toughest trail runs. Plus, when the sun sets, the outings don't stop either because a total of 6 LED's brightly illuminate the trail, so there's no trail too treacherous for the SCX10 DINGO Builders-Kit. (LED lights are not included, sold seperately)
For those who like to build kits, this is a true builders kit as Axial's pursuit of Scale Realism matched with vast amounts of available options on the market, the SCX10 is a blank canvas to build upon! With its full size looks, the SCX10 also delivers true function as drivability is what makes driving an SCX10 so fun! Which ever you decide; rock crawling or adventure trailing on a long hike, the SCX10 is driven just like a full size truck. All the basic 4X4 off-road skills come into play; approach angles to large objects, traversing hill-sides, straddling rocks and boulders – all treated in the same manor as a full-size rig. The SCX10 1/10 truck delivers full size fun!
Its time to think differently about R/C! If you can hike there, your SCX10 will drive there! With today's efficient motor and long lasting batteries, you are only limited by your imagination and or your physical readiness to adventure out onto a hike while driving your SCX10. What better way to get in touch with nature, spend time with your friends and family and having a ton of fun while doing so! And because this is a Builders-Kit, your off-road preparation and readiness skills will give you the piece of mind and that every nut and bolt has been touched by your hands.


  • Axles Designed for Performance and Durability: The axles have been designed with many features that are not available from other products on the market. Everything from the axle strength, pinion angle, caster, and ground clearance were taken into consideration when designing these axles. The result is a far superior axle that will stand-up to severe punishment. To ensure added longevity from the start, a high-tolerance sintered diff locker is included along with hardened steel axle shafts.
  • WB8 Wild Boar Driveshafts: Metal to metal universal joint driveshaft system with splined plastic slider. This design provides more durability than traditional driveshaft designs because it uses a screw shaft for a more positive lock to the output shaft.
    • Constant Velocity Joint Design [CVJ]
    • Full Metal-To-Metal Construction for the CVJ-Housing
    • Friction Free Movement / Smooth Articulation
    • Metal Ring Protection & Capture for the CVJ-Pin
    • "Tough-as-Tusk" Durability
    • Easy Assembly & Maintenance.
  • Aluminum Threaded Links: The lower suspension links are machined from aluminum to reduce flex and provide precise control over the roughest terrain. Measuring 6x91mm, these aluminum tubes are threaded at both ends for easy assembly and make for a durable 4-link suspension. Axial has also included a threaded aluminum steering link which helps guide your vehicle with more precision.
  • Officially Licensed Walker Evans Racing Wheels: Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels are molded from a blend of high quality nylon materials for strength and durability with a solid 12mm hex mount and dressed in black for the stealthy race look.
  • 1.9 Ripsaw Tires, Sticky R35 Compound: The aggressive tread design and impressive ground clearance offer a realistic look for the image-conscious scale crawler who is also looking to improve their performance game.
    • Realistic and aggressive tread design for the ultimate scale appearance and maximum grip provided by our sticky R35 compound
    • 4.3" (109mm) tall for extreme ground clearance
    • Molded ribbing between the lugs help keep mud and snow from packing into the tire tread
    • Recessed lugs for additional traction
  • Slipper Clutch: Allows the motor to work more efficiently and greatly enhances the durability of the drivetrain allowing the transmission to slip in hard binds.
  • Spur Gear Cover: The protective transmission spur gear cover helps keep dirt and debris out of your pinion and spur gear for a quiet and efficient drivetrain.
  • Transmission: The ultra compact transmission doesn't compromise performance because it also allows for a wide range of gearing choices. The overall ratio can be adjusted from 15:1 all the way up to 74:1 using different pinion/spur gear choices which allow for super high speed or to competition level crawling speed.
  • Metal Frame Chassis: The realistic high strength c-channel chassis frame is made of durable steel with cross bracing for reinforcement and is held together with all hex hardware. Realistic looking frame and cross braces improve chassis rigidity (torsional stiffness). Realistic shock hoops with multiple shock mounting positions allows you to adjust your suspension for maximum performance. The simplified design makes maintenance and assembly quick and easy. The contoured skid plate significantly reduces hang-ups on terrain.
  • Protective Radio Box: The sealed radio box keeps your receiver safe from the elements.
  • Light Buckets: The Dingo kit includes a variety of light buckets (fourteen to be exact!) - perfect for mounting two large and two small buckets up front, and two tail light buckets in the back. Lights are not included, but the optional Simple LED Controller (AXI24257) will get you set up with four lights up front and two in the rear). For the ultimate light setup, try the NVS Night Vision System (AXI24251) which includes a wide variety of lights and a system for controlling them.
  • Adjustable Coil Over Shocks: Axial shocks feature threaded bodies that let you fine tune your suspension, dual rate springs for maximum off-road performance and titanium nitride coated shock shafts for smooth action. They’re oil-filled allowing you to tune the dampening rate by changing shock oils and the simulated reservoir gives it awesome scale looks.
  • Tuned Shock Springs: Finding the right spring rate can be tough. Axial made it easy for you by including what we found to be the right balance of high speed and harsh terrain handling. The softer spring rate keeps the Dingo on course and ready for your next obstacle!

Wheelbase: 290mm (11.4")
Width: 227mm (9")
Height: 227mm (9")
Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.7")
Weight (no electronics): 1.72kg (3.8 lbs)

Needed to Complete:

  • Radio: 2 channel
  • Servos: 1 hi-torque metal gear (standard size)
  • ESC: forward and reverse ESC
  • Motor: 540/550 size
  • Battery: (1) 7.2v Stick Pack and Compatible Charger
  • Battery: (8) AA size Batteries for Radio System
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Axial SCX10 "Dingo" 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Crawler "Builders Kit"
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