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Axial SCX10 "Trail Honcho" 1/10th 4WD Electric RTR Rock Crawler w/AX-3 2.4GHz Radio System

Axial SCX10 "Trail Honcho" 1/10th 4WD Electric RTR Rock Crawler w/AX-3 2.4GHz Radio System
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Price: $230.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: AXI90022
Manufacturer: Axial
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This is the Axial SCX10 "Trail Honcho" 1/10th 4WD Electric Ready to Run Rock Crawler with an included Axial AX-3 2.4GHz Radio System. The latest SCX10 is inspired by off-road vehicles that are basically part truck and part buggy, nicknamed "truggies". The Axial SCX10 is the vehicle to have when it comes to having a realistic looking truggy. Scale features such as the steel c-channel ladder frame, plastic molded cage, and plastic front bumper with aluminum skid plates are included. If you're looking for adventure, the SCX10 Trail Honcho delivers!
The SCX10 was designed to resemble its full sized "scale/1:1" counterparts, yet is still able to perform like the 2.2 AX10 Scorpion. Unlike the AX10 which is purely competition driven, the SCX10 doesn't compromise its look for pure performance although the SCX10 is a more than capable rig, on or off the trail.
The SCX10 uses the same ultra durable transmission and axles as the AX10 Scorpion, but is built around a more realistic or "scale" frame. It also runs smaller, more realistic looking wheels and tires. These trucks are designed to have fun with especially if you have a few friends that have scale rigs. Getting a few guys together and going out for a scale trail run is one of the most fun things you can do if you're an avid off-roading enthusiast.


  • AXLES - PROVEN DURABILITY: The axles have been designed with many features that are not available from other products on the market. Everything from the axle strength, pinion angle, caster, and ground clearance were taken into consideration when designing these axles. The result is a far superior axle that will stand up to some severe punishment. To ensure added longevity from the start a hi-tolerance sintered diff locker is included along with hardened axle shafts.
  • DIFFERENTIAL LOCKER: Made from strong sintered metal. Sintered metal provides superior metallurgical characteristics and can be manufactured with very tight tolerances. Plus, the simple one piece design adds weight where it is needed in the axle and reduces slop in drivetrain by eliminating the cross pin.
  • WB8 WILD BOAR DRIVESHAFTS: The WB8 Wild Boar driveshafts are a constant velocity joint design [CVJ] which allows for efficient, friction free movement, while the full metal-to-metal construction CVJ housing makes them durable. They're also easy to assemble and maintain!
  • 4-LINK REAR SUSPENSION: The suspension geometry utilizes a 4-Link design for the rear which is optimized to reduce axle steer and torque twist. It also helps with steep off-camber climbs by having the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The 4-Link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications.
  • 27T MOTOR: The Axial 27T motor supplies plenty of power for high speed trail runs or powering over obstacles.
  • SPUR GEAR COVER: The protective transmission spur gear cover helps keep dirt and debris out of your pinion and spur gear for a quiet and efficient drivetrain.
  • TRANSMISSION: The transmission was designed to place the weight of the motor as low as possible to maintain a low CG (Center of Gravity). The ultra compact transmission doesn't compromise performance because it also allows for a wide range of gearing choices. The overall ratio can be adjusted from 15:1 all the way up to 74:1 using different pinion/spur gear choices which allow for super high speed or competition level crawling speed.
  • SLIPPER CLUTCH: The slipper clutch allows the motor to work more efficiently and greatly enhances the durability of the drivetrain allowing the transmission to slip in hard binds.
  • 1.9 WALKER EVANS RACING WHEELS: Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels are molded from a blend of high quality nylon materials for strength and durability with a solid 12mm hex mount and dressed in black and chrome for eye catching looks.
  • R35 COMPOUND 1.9 RIPSAW TIRES: The 1.9 Ripsaw tires are mounted and glued to Walker Evans Racing wheels right from the factory. The Ripsaw tire offers a realistic and aggressive tread design for the ultimate scale appearance and they're molded in Axial's high performance R35 compound for maximum grip.
  • ADJUSTABLE COIL-OVER SHOCKS: The shocks on the SCX10 feature dual rate springs which help deliver maximum off-road performance. They are oil filled shocks which allow you to tune the dampening rate and shock reservoirs for realistic scale looks. Shock hoops on the SCX10 frame allow for multiple shock positions for tunable performance.
  • LED LIGHTS INCLUDED: The Simple LED Controller connects to the receiver and is turned on/off with the main power switch of the truck. There are two white LED's for the front and two red LED's for the rear. Additional light buckets are also included for custom looks.
  • 2.4GHz RADIO FOR WORRY-FREE DRIVING: The AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter is a two channel, pistol grip radio with servo reversing switches for steering and throttle, trim dials for fine tuning steering and throttle centers. The battery indicator light also lets you know when your transmitter batteries run low.
  • 3-CHANNEL 2.4GHz RECEIVER: The AR-3 2.4GHz receiver uses no crystals so you'll experience worry free driving with no frequency conflicts. This lightweight, compact, and bind button equipped receiver with LED indicator makes setup easy!
  • AE-2 ESC WITH DRAG BRAKE: The Axial AE-2 ESC was developed in partnership with Castle Creations and features LiPo cutoff, drag brake for tough crawling situations, a Tamiya style plug connector and is programmable via the Castle Link (Castle Link not included).
  • PROTECTIVE ELECTRONICS BOX: Designed to protect the electronics from some serious off-road dust and debris.


    • Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3")
    • Width: 227mm (9")
    • Height: 150mm (5.9")
    • Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.7")
    • Weight: 1814g (4.0 lbs")
  • BODY:
    • Length: 457mm (18")
    • Width (without fender flares): 216mm (8.5")
    • Height: 137mm (5.4")
    • Radio: 2 channel
    • Servos: 1 digital, hi-torque metal gear (standard size)
    • ESC: forward and reverse ESC
    • Motor: 27T 540/550 size
    • Lighting: Simple LED controller: 2 white LED's, 2 red LED's.

Needed to Complete:

  • AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • 7.2V - 7.4V Battery & Compatible Charger
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Axial SCX10 "Trail Honcho" 1/10th 4WD Electric RTR Rock Crawler w/AX-3 2.4GHz Radio System
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