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HPI Brama 10B 4WD Electric Buggy RTR

HPI Brama 10B 4WD Electric Buggy RTR
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Price: $112.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: HPI10791
Manufacturer: HPI
Average Rating: Not Rated

Brand new and ready for off-road action is the totally fresh Brama 10B... the first electric 4WD buggy from HPI! It's made to be tough, affordable, easy to work on, and 4WD shaft driven for high grip. The Brama 10B comes completely ready-to-run and it uses clean and quiet electric power so driving is as easy as it gets, just charge and go!

Based on the tough E10 chassis, the Brama 10B has full-time 4WD for maximum traction on all off-road surfaces. We've added long suspension arms and long-stroke oil-filled shock absorbers to allow the Brama 10B to soak up rough terrain with ease. For durability and extra protection, a sealed shaft drivetrain keeps rocks and debris from slowing you down. You can keep the hammer down, the spiked Digger tires just keep going and going, biting and clawing through dirt, grass or hard-packed surfaces!

The Brama 10B comes pre-built with a reliable HPI transmitter, steering servo, and a reversible electronic speed control so it accelerates and steers with precise movements. The included rechargeable 7.2V battery pack delivers power to the Saturn 35T motor for realistic off-road action. Just pop some AA's in the transmitter, charge up the 7.2V battery pack with the included charger and you're ready to drive. It's topped off with a racing buggy body for good looks, and a large rear wing for stability when the going gets tough!

The Brama 10B is the quick, easy and friendly way to get into off-road action, priced low so anyone can grab the transmitter and experience the thrill of RC driving.

Key Features:

  • Full-time shaft drive 4WD system for maximum grip
  • Saturn 35T motor
  • Ball bearings on the differential outdrives and center driveshaft for maximum efficien
  • Accepts both stick pack and side-by-side battery configurations
  • Tough polycarbonate painted body with decals applied right out of the box
  • High quality HPI TG-1 radio system included
  • Adjustable shock mounting positions for fine tuning the suspension
  • Tough steel dogbones and outdrives for a durable drivetrain
  • Sealed front and rear bevel-gear differentials for reduced maintenance
  • Electronic speed control with reverse and brakes
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HPI Brama 10B 4WD Electric Buggy RTR
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