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HPI Cyber 10B 4WD Buggy Kit with CB-1 Clear Body

HPI Cyber 10B 4WD Buggy Kit with CB-1 Clear Body
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Price: $144.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: HPI100702
Manufacturer: HPI
Average Rating: Not Rated

Are you looking to step up from entry-level buggies like the HPI Brama 10B, but don't know where to look?  Have you been thinking about racing in off-road electric classes and don't want to spend a fortune, but you don't need the latest bright and shiny Worlds-spec racer? If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, the HPI Cyber 10B is the kit for you!

The Cyber 10B is an all-new chassis that combines proven racing performance with a low kit price. You get the know-how of decades of racing experience from the Hot Bodies racing team, proven World Championship racing design from the Hot Bodies D4 and loads of off-road fun in a convenient build-it-yourself kit at a price much lower than any top racing kit!

If you've already had a play with the HPI Brama 10B or other RTR beginner kits designed for off-road bashing, you know how much fun blasting through puddles, mud and leaves can be. The Cyber 10B is totally ready to take on the roughest obstacle course and keep coming back for more dirt action!

With its full-time 4WD power, fully sealed shaft drive and long suspension arms, the Cyber 10B can take on the worst conditions you can find, whether it's your back garden, an open field or even a local RC racing track - it's ready for anything!

Because the Brama uses standard RC components such as motor, speedo, battery and radio, you can even install the electronics from a Brama right in the Cyber 10B...and when you're ready for more speed, it's easy to drop in a faster motor, more powerful speedo or longer-life batteries including the latest brushless technology for the ultimate power!

The Cyber 10B is ready for the track, as well - just like you'd expect, considering its heritage and background! The suspension and drivetrain design is taken almost exactly from the Hot Bodies D4 World Championship Edition, which accomplished a stunning milestone by easily making it into the A Finals at its first-ever IFMAR World Championship event!

For the best control, durability and efficiency, the Cyber 10B uses a fully sealed shaft drive train with super-smooth diffs front and rear. The motor is mounted longitudinally with a transverse-mounted battery pack for fantastic weight distribution. Bellcrank steering provides precise pinpoint steering input and the suspension design is taken directly from the Hot Bodies D4 racing buggy. In short, the Cyber 10B is locked, loaded and ready to rumble!

The pinnacle of electric off-road racing has always been 4WD buggies, and now HPI makes it easier than ever to jump right into this exciting world of fast speeds and amazing manoveurability!

The Cyber 10B draws from the vast experience of the premiere Hot Bodies racing team to produce a sport-level electric 4WD off-road racing kit that is unparalleled in performance, ability, spec and potential! With the Cyber 10B at your control, you'll have total confidence on the track!


  • Bellcrank Steering
  • Complete Set of Ball Bearings
  • Steel Dogbones & Outdrives
  • Totally Sealed Shaft Drivetrain
  • Front/Rear Ball Differentials
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HPI Cyber 10B 4WD Buggy Kit with CB-1 Clear Body
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