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XRAY X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit

XRAY X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit
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Price: $205.00
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Model: XRA370002
Manufacturer: Xray
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This is the XRAY X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit. The X12 is the next evolution of the XII. Direct feedback from factory team drivers, as well as customers from around the world, allowed the XRAY factory to turn a concept into reality… this is what XRAY does best. New battery placement means better car balance and weight transfer, and stiffer chassis material and more robust suspension material creates a car that is significantly easier to drive. By rethinking and then creating a completely new geometry that elongates the wheelbase and widens the front track-width, XRAY created a car that works exceptionally well for beginners, highly-skilled drivers, and everyone in between. To make a car even easier to work on, XRAY replaced the side shock with newly-designed side tube lateral dampers. Lowered rear bulkheads and an improved rear axle system allow the use of super-small tires while providing a super-low center of gravity. Say goodbye to XII... say hello to the all-new X12.


  • All-new X12 platform with pivot-ball link rear suspension for independent adjustments of chassis roll, bump and alignment
  • Authentic 100% self-developed XRAY parts, designed and manufactured by XRAY in Europe
  • Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details
  • Simple yet effective and proven design, well thought-out details, unmatched precision of all small details
  • High-competition design with focus on ultra-low weight, resulting in super-lightweight construction
  • Optimized for indoor carpet racing as well as outdoor asphalt racing


  • Chassis:
    • New battery position placement (horizontal) for better car balance and weight transfer
    • New harder chassis material to make the car easier and more stable for high bite tracks
    • Longer chassis for greater wheelbase for better stability
    • Holes for suspension mounting are wider which create wider width to make car easier to drive
    • Platform designed and optimized for LiPO batteries and brushless motors
  • Rear bulkheads:
    • Lowered rear bulkheads to allow the rear axle to move lower which allows to use smaller tire diameter and allows to move lower the weight
  • Rear axle:
    • New system of steel part mounting into the graphite tube makes the rear axle more durable
  • Front suspension:
    • Lower, upper arms and steering blocks made from harder material to make the car easier to drive and more forgiving on high bite tracks
    • Plastic balls for king pin are used for smoother steering
  • Side tubes:
    • Side tubes replace side shock for smoother and more consistent operation
  • Side springs:
    • Are placed directly to chassis for smoother and better movements
  • Center shock:
    • The shock shaft is extended which makes the center shock longer for better dampening
  • Servo saver:
    • 4 spring servo saver makes the car more consistent and easier to drive. Makes the car steer more precise
  • Servo positions:
    • Two servo positions for allowing to perfectly balance the weight transfer


  • Dimensions:
    • Class: 1/12 electric pan car
    • Width: adjustable 171mm +/- 3mm front, 169mm rear
    • Length: 264mm (varies depending on rear tires used)
    • Wheelbase: 201+/- 0.5mm
    • Weight: 202 g
    • Ready-to-run weight: 840g - incl. BL system (varies depending on equipment used)
  • Chassis:
    • Chassis: 2.5mm carbon fiber,CNC machined
    • Brace: Graphite front brace, optional alu. adjustable brace
    • Body: not included, uses 1/12 pan car type
  • Drivetrain:
    • Type: 2wd direct drive to rear axle
    • Rear Axle: Graphite shaft with ball differential
    • Primary: spur/pinion
    • Bearings: High-speed ball-bearings (10)
    • Suspension:
    • Front: Spring-supported, kingpin-style front suspension with composite upper & lower suspension arms and steering blocks
    • Rear: Articulating rear motor pod adjustable via pivot-ball links, controlled by rear shock absorber.
    • Rear Shock: Central adjustable oil-filled shock absorber
  • Geometry:
    • Ride Height: Adjustable front + rear
    • Camber: Adjustable front
    • Front Caster (Static): 1–14.5° static adjustable static caster
    • Front Caster (Reactive): 2.5–7.5° adjustable reactive caster
    • Track-width: Adjustable front
    • Toe: Adjustable front
    • Downstop: Adjustable rear
    • Ackermann: Adjustable with shims
    • Steering: Direct linkage between steering servo saver and steering blocks
    • Balance: Front/rear weight balance adjustable via battery position
  • Instructions: Full-color instruction manual
  • Set-up book: 2-color set-up book (16 pages)
  • Packaging: Carton box with vinyl bags with parts
  • Additionally included: HUDY Diff Grease, Authentication Certificate, set-up sheet, parts list & exploded view, decals, shock oil

Needed to Complete:

  • Motor
  • Batteries
  • Speed controller
  • Tires
  • Body
  • Steering servo
  • Radio equipment
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XRAY X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit
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